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Nordic guitar player Gisle Torvik understands the art of ‘dropping notes‘: he dare’s to play notes which aren’t there. A way to produce an open minded music, free from unnecessarily flow of tones. He plays remarkable tune’s on electric and acoustic guitar assisted by Audun Ellingsen on bass and drummer Hermund Nygård.

Gisle Torvik’s thirth cd ‘Tranquil fjord‘ is a real guitar album where electric and acoustic guitar are the center of the music. Though a few overflowing solo’s on bass and drums, the guitar plays the theme’s and the solo’s. Torvik, who at first wanted to be a solo guitarist, studied at two Music Schools in Norway and developed as a wonderful musician and composer. His Knopfler idea flew away and gave place for a Pat Metheny color. This legendary guitar player inspired a whole generation of musicians, assisted by his keyboardist Lyle Mays. Gisle Torvik finds his own musical way. He’s a sensitive and no nonsense musician with a great feeling for mood, melody and balanced solo’s where you always hear the theme resonating in the background. Torvik has a strong guitar sound, energetic touché and a excellent way of expressing the musical sentences. Extremely beautiful are the three solo guitar pieces intro ‘Før Bløming’, ‘Stille Song’ and the title piece ‘Tranquil Fjord’ at the end of the cd (the album opens with it in trio). Torvik’s music might sound a little invented, but the musical spontaneity removes all the doubt.

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