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Various climates scrolls during the 42-minute first-ever LP from the Norwegian guitarist. Here is both the place for sleepy, lazy impressions such as title track, the truly impressive “bløming”, and a beautiful acoustic ballad “stille song” which trigger associations to the famous “Cavatiną” John Williams – “blå skugge”, as well as other compositions also injects other instrumentalism. An example of the latter is also “kryssande” decorated with excellent contrabass line of Ellingsen,and the rich and full-blooded drums of Hermund Nygård.
“Tranquil Fjord is also an exciting slide show of an unbridled virtuosity Torvik, combined with efficient ability to use to embrace modern technology. However, it is worth to highlight that musician uses them always in moderation and only when the electronics seems to be fully justified.
The disc is full of beautiful melodies, invented by trio in an amazing focal convention. Such even as charming and graceful acoustic miniature “bloming’ preceded by 2-minute “før bloming”, “for one contributor’s interpretation is beautiful 5 minutes puck: “ARV”.
The Gisle Torvike we experience, is as wonderful wizard that accurately reflect climate and elevation of mood. The disc is a proof that genius 38-year-old Norwegian is able to again surprise lovers of contemporary European jazz.
Premiere: 6 September 2013.


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