Musikanisch Gisle TorvikTranquil Fjord

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Date : October 9, 2013


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20 out of 20 for the album tranquil fjord

To get it straight from the beginning: tranquil fjord of Gisle Torvik is a grandiose Album. Same with the first bars of the titular song; you simply sit back and are enchanted by the atmosphere, the beautiful title track spread this ghostly. Gisle Torvik has this incredible guitar voice, it is unique. With a few resources and a beautiful melody the mood is created, this is simply fantastic. Guitarjazz underscored.

Audun Ellingsen on bass and Hermund Nygård on drums are a little in the background in the beginning, but that all changes on the second title “Kryssande”. Here the music is troubled waters and all three musicians show how technically brilliant you can play – without loosing sight of the actual song. And then there are these incredible melodies of Gisle Torvik. Here you can rightly claim that the guitar sings. With their Nordic melancholy these three Norwegians plays in the highest level of Jazz. No doubt Gisle Torvik is one of the best jazz guitarists in Scandinavia. You need to go far to be able to hear such an inspired guitarists. Tranquil fjord has this inner beauty – it is impossible not to start from the beginning again, because this music is addictive.

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