Frozen Moment
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Gisle Torvik — Frozen Moment
Release date : 21. 09, 2009
Label : UpNorth Discs

“Making music comes natural to me without any consideration if I am crossing musical genre boundaries. This album is my first with vocals. After listening to many great vocalists, there was one that clearly stood out. Hilde Norbakken has a beautiful voice which goes well with my music.”

Inge Stangvik has also done two great “joik” performances and Cesar Bolly sung so nice in dida. Many musicians have contributed to this album – to make it an album of depth and variety.

I always try to focus my compositions around a strong melody. That for me is always the most important factor. When the idea comes, the arrangement usually is soon to follow.

On this album I have composed, arranged, and produced as well as played all the guitars myself. Hilde Norbakken and Kari Iveland has written the lyrics. I wanted this album to sound both lively and organic, and still use the advantages of the recording studio. It was a balancing act, but after many hours/(years…) in the studio I feel that I have accomplished just that.

Giert Clausen at has done a great job as a soundengineer and co-producer. Øystein Sevåg has also contributed a lot in the final mix. I’m very thankful to their contribution and good ideas.

– Gisle


Folebladet/iTromsø says:

The new album ”Frozen Moment” is now available. It is a good buy – even for those not dying for listening to a jazz tune. He brought along Hilde Norbakken for this album. She has also written music and lyrics to this album besides singing. It sounds great!

The sound is good. So are Gisle Torvik. No one needs to doubt that he has listened to the great star of jazz, Pat Metheny. He is doing the genre in an excellent way. From the album to judge Torvik hae a great technic. It’s really not easy to follow the steps of Metheny, but Torvik is doing good.

Hilde Norbakkens tunes and lyrics are great, and she is a great singer. Some of the tunes with a full band sounds a bit like Silje Neergaard on her very best. The two musicians i able to reach far. All that is left is people to listen to the songs – cause they are good.


FestivalMag says:

This album could just as good have been recorded in Los Angeles or in Greenwich Village. Still there is a Nordic melancolic and frost in the tunes, just like the albums of Jan Garbarek, Mari Boine and Terje Rypdal. This puts Torvik straight into a Nordic jazz tradition that is world known.